7 Common Karndean Flooring Problems (Explained With Solution)

As vinyl plank flooring construction technology has advanced. Its quality and aesthetics have improved. As a result, it offers several advantages over traditional flooring.

Choosing the right flooring for your space is a big decision. Many of us opt for the durability, affordability, and stylish appeal that Karndean flooring brings to the table. It’s fantastic, but let’s be real – no flooring is immune to a few hiccups along the way.

In this article, we’re going to tackle the common issues that Karndean flooring owners might encounter. From pesky scratches to mysterious stains, we’ve got your back.

What is Karndean Flooring?

Karndean flooring, simply put, is a type of vinyl plank flooring that’s designed to look like tile, wood, or stone.

What sets Karndean flooring apart from the traditional vinyl plank type is its sturdy build and cozy feel. It can take on water and scratches like a champ, plus it’s great at soaking up sound. In a nutshell, it’s a one-of-a-kind, tough, comfy, and long-lasting flooring option.

What makes Karndean even cooler is its versatility. You get to choose from a bunch of options like limestone, marble, slate, granite, tiles, and wood planks.

Maintenance? Easy peasy! Karndean already comes with a protective layer, so no need for waxing or fancy treatments. It’s a no-fuss, low-maintenance investment.

And the variety! Colors, styles, textures – you name it. It’s like a flooring buffet that fits right into your interior decor dreams. Sure, it might cost a bit more than your run-of-the-mill vinyl plank, but hey, it’s offering more.

The Karndean planks are not lightweight either, ranging between 20-30 mils thick. This thickness means it can handle the pressure of heavy furniture and lots of feet shuffling about.

That’s why it’s a top pick for commercial spaces and wet areas, recommended by the folks who know their floors.

But hold on – easy maintenance doesn’t mean it’s immune to issues.

We’ve done our homework on the potential problems you might face with Karndean flooring. From installation hiccups to everyday wear and tear. Stick around, and we’ll guide you through it all.

Karndean Flooring Problems – What You Need to Know!

1. Installing Over Unlevel Floors

Poor leveling and subfloor preparation are common problems. This affects all kinds of flooring, including Karndean. Poor preparation can lead to many problems. Including buckling, mildew growth, and gaps between planks.

In particular, Karndean flooring offers a wide array of options. But only a few can be considered loose-lay or click-locking floating flooring options.

Many options are available under the Glue-Down format. Which requires tiles/planks to be glued down to the subfloor. It can be a problem for inexperienced DIYers.

Solution: Level and prepare your subfloor for vinyl floor installation. I recommend calling the Karndean flooring company’s professors to do the installation. Instead of doing it yourself this way, you will not void the warranty.

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2. Scratching

Scratching Karndean Flooring problems

Minor scuffs and scratches are less visible on Karndean flooring.

Still, the protective film of Karndean cannot withstand blemishes and superficial scratches. It can develop scratches when you drag or drop sharp objects or heavy objects like furniture.

Moreover, it would help if you were careful about your pets and kids. Because they can scratch and damage your expensive Karndean flooring.

Or, you may opt for high-quality Karndean flooring with coated and weathered floorboards. But remember, it comes at a higher price.

Solution: It would be wise to be very careful when dragging heavy objects or living objects with sharp edges or ends across the floor. It can cause severe damage, resulting in a costly replacement.

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3. Discoloration

Don’t be surprised if you spot Karndean vinyl floors fading. Especially near the window or areas that receive direct sunlight.

Besides coming already pre-waxed, and PU coated. It cannot withstand excessive and direct sunlight. Since the sun’s UV rays are powerful enough to cause oxidation, the flooring discolors.

Solution: We recommend installing curtains or drapes on the windows. By doing so you might filter the light to reduce the intensity of UV rays on the floor.

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4. Peeling At the Edges

Peeling Karndean Flooring problems

One of the common problems of Karndean flooring that most users face is this.

If the Karndean is poorly installed along its edges, it may start peeling off with time. This problem is common and evident on glue-down Karndean vinyl flooring. Especially when the adhesive is worn out.

So, it can lead to further structural damage accelerated by dust and dirt that builds up underneath the peeling. Moreover, it also encourages bacterial growth and peeling.

Solution: Always address the peeling immediately. By removing the curling or peeling, and reapplying the glue. And then gluing down the peeled edges.

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5. Bouncing or Separation of Floorboards

Poor subfloor installation can cause the Karndean flooring to start bouncing or separate. Because of that, the floor will start to buckle. And produce a cracking sound as you walk across the floor instead of staying put.

Yet, high humidity can also cause separation or bouncing of the Karndean flooring. If you live in high-humidity areas. Installing a dehumidifier to regulate the humidity to acceptable levels would be helpful.

Solution: You can avoid this issue by ensuring the flooring is installed on an even subfloor. As a result, it will create a uniform contact point all around the floor. If you spot any issue about the subfloor contact professionals immediately.

6. Water-Resistant But Not Waterproof

Water Damage Karndean Flooring problems

Karndean vinyl tiles are often installed in areas with little foot traffic. And minimal wear and tear, which rarely causes problems. But one problem many people face is moisture.

The vinyl tiles can be installed in kitchens without any problems. But they can’t be exposed to water for an extended period because they deteriorate.

Mold can start to develop on Karndean tiles if moisture is left standing for hours. Despite its water resistance, Karndean vinyl flooring is not completely waterproof.

Solution: You can only avoid this issue by installing a moisture barrier under vinyl flooring or turning on a dehumidifier. Also, you must always keep the floor free from standing water.

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7. Warranty Conditions

A limited lifetime warranty covers Karndean products. Customers who violated the Karndean warranty’s terms and conditions. Have encountered frustration when attempting to claim a replacement or return.

Imagine you did not install your floor in a commercial establishment undergoing heavy use until the 15th year. Or, depending on the product, the 20th year. In that case, you cannot claim the warranty for significant floor damage.

Pros and Cons of Karndean Flooring


  • Almost any hard-surfaced subfloor can be used to install Karndean flooring.
  • It is easy to maintain Karndean flooring.
  • If it needs to be repaired, you can do it easily.
  • Offers a large range of options with bacterial protection.
  • Ensures a warm and comfortable walking environment.


  • Installation by a professional is highly recommended instead of DIY.
  • If exposed to direct sunlight for a long period, it can discolor.
  • It is possible to experience Karndean flooring bounce due to improper subfloor installation.
  • Usually, it starts peeling from the edges.

Best Reasons to Choose Karndean Flooring

  1. Quiet and Cozy: This flooring isn’t just tough; it’s a bit of a noise ninja. It absorbs sound, making your space quieter and cozier. No more loud footsteps echoing through the house.
  2. Pick Your Style: From limestone to wood planks, Karndean offers a buffet of options. Whatever your interior vibe, there’s a Karndean style to match.
  3. Easy-Peasy Maintenance: Forget complicated routines. Karndean comes with a protective layer, so it’s a breeze to clean. No need for waxing or fancy treatments.
  4. Thick and Sturdy: The planks are not lightweight. They range from 20-30 mils thick. Making them robust enough to handle heavy furniture and lots of foot traffic.
  5. Versatility Galore: It’s not just for living rooms. Karndean is perfect for commercial spaces and wet areas, recommended by the experts who know their floors.
  6. Long-Lasting Investment: Karndean doesn’t just look good for a while; it looks good for a long while. It’s a durable investment that stands the test of time.

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