About Us

We’re not just flipping houses; we’re sprinkling joy into every nook and cranny. From getting down with flooring and geeking out over smart appliances to nurturing gardens, we’re your buddies on this wild ride of turning spaces into your very own happy places.

Our Mission

It’s pretty simple, really – we’re here to spark inspiration and help you make your home as unique as you are.

Whether you’re jazzing up your garden hideaway or finally tackling that DIY dream project, we’re the buddies you can count on for all things home improvement. Because every home is a story, and we’re here to help you pen yours.

Core Values

  • Passion for Home: We’re not just fans; we’re head-over-heels in love with homes. Cozy nooks, blooming gardens – we’re all about the magic that spaces bring to our lives.

  • Authenticity: Real talk, real experiences. Our tips and tricks? Straight from the trenches of choosing paint colors and coaxing stubborn plants to bloom. We’re in this together with you.

  • Community Connection: HouzzTalks isn’t just a spot on the internet; it’s a vibe. We believe in the power of shared stories. Jump into the chat, toss out your questions – let’s grow and glow together.

  • Inclusivity: Your home, your rules. We’re all about celebrating the unique flavors of design, gardening styles, and DIY approaches. No one-size-fits-all here – just what fits you.

What You’ll Find Here

Get ready for a mix of practical hacks, creative sparks, and good old chit-chat about homes and gardens. We’re the friendly voices making the complicated seem like a breeze, turning those overwhelming projects into high-five-worthy victories.

Meet The Team

Sarthak Parija Author Image

Sarthak Parija

Founder & managing editor

Meet Sarthak Parija, the ingenious force behind our Houzz Talks community. As Founder, CEO, and Managing Editor, Sarthak combines leadership with a hands-on DIY approach. With a toolbox in one hand and a visionary spirit in the other, he’s dedicated to turning your living space into a masterpiece. His expertise doesn’t stop at the desk – he’s your go-to DIY expert, infusing creativity into every project. Join Sarthak on a journey where innovation, leadership, and the joy of creating meet, transforming houses into uniquely personalized homes.

Brain Covington Author Image

Brain Covington


Meet Brain Covington, the brilliant mind behind our content strategy. As the Managing Editor at our Houzz Talks community, Brain brings expertise and creativity to every corner. His strategic prowess turns ideas into engaging stories, making our site a go-to resource for all things home transformation.

Rory Morris Author Image

Rory Morris


Meet Rory Morris, our green-thumbed wordsmith and organic gardening enthusiast. As a Writer and Organic Gardener at Houzz Talks, Rory cultivates ideas and blooms words, adding a touch of nature’s magic to our content. Join Rory on the journey to transform your home and garden into vibrant, sustainable spaces.

Lara Woods Karla Williams

Lara Woods


Meet Lara Woods, our versatile Staff Writer, Assistant Content Strategist, and tech aficionado. Lara’s fusion of creativity and tech-savvy insight brings a modern flair to home improvement. Join her in exploring the intersection of technology and cozy living.

Karla Williams Author Image

Karla Williams


Meet Karla Williams, our Green Guru and Head Writer. With soil-stained hands and a pen that blooms ideas, Karla leads the way in cultivating not just gardens but a wealth of knowledge. Join her on a journey to grow your green paradise.