Can You Use Pine Solution for Vinyl Flooring? (Answered!)

Vinyl flooring is renowned globally as one of the most durable and water-resistant floors you can install in your home. But, it must be well maintained to last longer.

Taking care of your vinyl flooring involves cleaning it with the correct cleaners. Using the wrong products will ruin the waxy, shiny surface of your vinyl plank flooring.

Vinyl plank flooring has a waxy top layer that makes it shiny and beautiful.

But, vinyl plank flooring is quite sensitive. And the products you use in cleaning it may affect its beauty and lifetime. Because of this, most people constantly question if they can use pine solutions for vinyl flooring. To answer them in short.

Yes. It is safe to apply pine solutions on your vinyl plank flooring.

Pine solutions are one of the most effective items you can use to clean your vinyl plank flooring. With that, its unique properties can remove stubborn dirt and germs from various surfaces. Including vinyl plank flooring.

When using pine solution, there is a certain way to apply it. Otherwise, it might damage your luxury vinyl floor. Before I describe how to apply pine solution to floors. I want to mention pine solution is formulated.

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How is the Pine Solution Formulated?

You can use pine solution on your vinyl plank flooring to clean and disinfect it safely. Pine solution works well as a cleaner because of its key ingredients, which include:

  1. Propylheptyl ethers and Alcohol ethoxylated: If you’ve got tough oil and grease-based dirt on your vinyl plank flooring. This ingredient in the pine solution is helpful. It cuts through stubborn dirt, making it easier for you to clean.
  2. Glycolic acid: Pine solution contains glycolic acid. Which is great for tackling faded spots, mineral scale residue, and soap scum on your vinyl plank flooring. It’s an antimicrobial agent that helps remove these issues. Leaving your vinyl flooring looking great and safe.

Note: Do not mix pine solution with bleach-based cleaners or other commercial cleaners. Mixing them can lead to the release of hazardous gases. Because of a reaction between the ingredients in the pine solution and the secondary cleaners.

So, stick to using pine solution on its own for a safe and effective cleaning experience.

How to Apply Pine Solution for Vinyl Flooring?

To clean up your vinyl plank flooring with pine solution, you’ll need to follow a proper procedure. This will enable you to maintain a healthy and shiny appearance. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have a pine solution cleaner, water, a bucket or spray bottle, a broom or vacuum, and a mop or soft cloth.

Step 2: Prepare the Pine Solution

Follow the instructions on the pine solution bottle to mix it with water. This is typically done in a bucket or a spray bottle, depending on your preference.

Step 3: Clean the Surface

Sweep or vacuum your vinyl flooring to remove any loose dirt and debris. This ensures a clean surface for the pine solution to work effectively.

Step 4: Optional Spot Test

If you’re using the pine solution for the first time. Consider doing a small spot test in an inconspicuous area. To ensure it won’t cause any damage or undesired reactions.

Step 5: Apply Pine Solution

Evenly apply the pine solution to the vinyl flooring. You can use a spray bottle or a mop/cloth for this step. Pay extra attention to areas with stains or heavy dirt.

Step 6: Scrub (if needed)

For stubborn spots or stains, gently scrub the area with a soft brush or cloth. This helps the pine solution penetrate and lift away dirt.

Step 7: Allow it to Sit

Let the pine solution sit on the vinyl flooring for a few minutes. This gives it time to break down and lift grime or stains.

Step 8: Mop or Wipe Clean

After letting it sit, mop or wipe the floor clean. Use a damp cloth or mop to remove the solution and the loosened dirt. Avoid leaving excess moisture on the floor.

Step 9: Dry Thoroughly

Allow your vinyl flooring to air dry completely. Ensure there’s no moisture left behind to prevent slips and falls.

What Chemicals Should You Avoid Using on Your Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Not every cleaning solution is suitable for vinyl plank flooring despite being durable and resistant to water. Here are the cleaning solutions that you should never use on your vinyl plank flooring: –

  • Ammonia: Do not use ammonia as it will discolor the surface, etch into the finish, and remove the sheen of the vinyl. Despite its harmless nature, flooring manufacturers tell against using it in cleaning mixtures.
  • Abrasives: It is advisable to avoid using bleach or abrasive cleaners on vinyl floors. Surfaces will likely lose their shine if they are exposed to these substances. Instead, use vinegar or a specialized cleaner to clean vinyl floors.
  • Wax: Using wax on vinyl plank flooring may damage it. Since it already has a coating over each plank that makes it shine and seals against moisture and damage. By applying wax or products containing wax, you will destroy the vinyl coating. Or make a huge mess by sliding it around.

To Conclude

You can indeed apply pine solution to your vinyl plank flooring. But, there are a few steps you should follow to get the most effective results. Additionally, it would be wise if you didn’t use pine solution with other chemicals on vinyl plank flooring.

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