Does Bissell Cross-Wave Work on the Carpet? (5 Best Steps)

Ever found yourself staring at your carpet, wondering if there’s an easier way to banish those stubborn stains and pesky pet hairs?

Well, you’re not alone! Many of us have been on the lookout for a magical solution to carpet chaos.

And that’s where the Bissell Cross Wave steps onto the scene.

But does this nifty gadget do the trick when it comes to carpets?

The answer to your question is yes. Technically you can use the Bissell Cross-Wave to clean carpets.

However, it’s not a carpet-cleaning machine. It works well on low-pile area rugs and hard surface floors.

Also, it can vacuum dirt from the carpet, but it might not be as effective at getting out ground dirt.

But, when it comes to deep cleaning your carpet, a carpet cleaning machine is the best option.

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Features of Bissell Cross-Wave

#1 Multi-Surface Cleaning

The best thing about Bissell Cross-Wave is its superpower to clean all kinds of surfaces.

It can seal hard floors and those cozy area rugs.

Due to this versatility, it can be used by households with a variety of flooring types.

#2 Dual-Action Brush Roll

Let’s talk about the dual-action brush roll in Cross-Wave.

The Bissell Cross-wave features a unique brush roll to clean hard floors and carpets.

It is made of microfiber and nylon, which helps pick up dirt and debris.

As the brush roll can be removed from the machine and washed in the sink, it is easy to clean.

#3 Two-Tank System

Well, check out the genius move from the Bissell Cross Wave – it’s got this slick two-tank system.

In one tank, the cleaning solution is mixed with water, and in the other, dirty water is collected.

Because it ensures that the cleaning solution is fresh and the dirty water is separated for cleaning.

#5 Suction Power

The Bissell Cross wave has strong suction power, which helps pick up dirt and debris from floors and carpets.

By using these controls, users can switch effortlessly between cleaning modes.

Users can adjust the suction power on the machine based on the surface they’re cleaning.

#6 Easy Maneuverability

Maneuverability is a notable feature of the Bissell Cross Wave.

The device can easily navigate around furniture and other obstacles with a swivel steering mechanism.

How to Use Bissell Cross-Wave Work on the Carpet?

Step 1: Preparation

Alright, let’s get carpet cleaning started!

But, hold on you should first clear the stage – Remove loose items and vacuum to eliminate large debris.

Now, grab your clean water tank, toss in the Bissell cleaning stuff they recommend, and add some warm water to the mix.

Step 2: Setting Adjustment

Hit that power button and pick the setting that screams “carpet magic” or “area rug makeover” – it’s your call.

Then, keep your eyes on the digital control panel; it’s like a mission control center.

It gives you real-time as your cleaning game unfolds.

Step 3: Maneuvering and Dispensing

Well, it’s time to roll with the Cross Wave! Guide it over your carpet as you clean.

Hold down that trigger – it’s like your cleaning power-up button – to release the cleaning solution.

Next, watch out for the dual-action brush roll doing its superhero thing.

It’s not just scrubbing; it’s also stirring up the party in your carpet fibers.

In addition, it is like a cleaning champ, saying goodbye to dirt and stains.

So, press that trigger, roll like a boss, and let the Cross Wave clean your carpet!

Step 4: Suction and Filtration

This suction power pulls all that dirt and debris into its secret tank, just like a superhero vacuum.

Its two-tank system ensures you’re always using fresh water, enhancing the cleaning’s effectiveness.

While the Cross Wave is doing its job, it is secretly kicking out dirt.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

When you’ve finished cleaning, remove the dirty water tank and empty it.

Then, rinse it thoroughly – we’re talking squeaky-clean vibrations for optimal performance afterward.

With your Cross Wave, you’re not just cleaning; you’re preparing for the next victory lap!

Pros and Cons of using Bissell Cross-Wave on the Carpet


  • It is a versatile product, it can clean carpets, area rugs, and hard floors.
  • Cleaning carpet fibers with dual-action brush roll and powerful suction is highly effective.
  • With user-friendly controls, the device easily switches between cleaning modes.
  • Its swivel steering makes it easy to navigate obstacles and furniture.
  • By ensuring consistent application of clean water, it prevents cross-contamination.


  • If you’re sensitive to noise, the Bissell CrossWave may be too loud for your comfort.
  • It works effectively on many carpets, but may not work well on high pile or thick carpets.
  • For larger cleaning tasks, water tanks may need to be refilled more frequently.

Alternative Cleaning Option for Carpet

Cleaning carpets doesn’t always require commercial products.

Also, you can make effective and eco-friendly alternatives using common household items.

Here are some home-made solutions to cleaning carpets:

#1 Baking Soda and Essential Oils

Baking soda and essential oils combine as a powerful carpet cleaner.

Put some baking soda in a bowl, add a few drops of a favorite essential oil, and mix it properly.

Then, sprinkle this magic mix on your carpet and let it chill for 15 minutes.

This natural solution not only absorbs odors but leaves a refreshing scent.

Plus, providing an eco-friendly and aromatic carpet-cleaning option.

#2 White Vinegar Solution

Well, a white vinegar solution is another effective and natural carpet cleaner.

Mix equal parts white vinegar and water, like their best buds.

Then spray and pour this solution on those stubborn carpet stains.

Then leave it for some time, after that blot the area with a cloth.

This vinegar has the superpower to break down stains fast.

It’s like a budget-friendly hero for your carpets, keeping it eco-friendly, too!

#3 Lemon and Salt Spot Cleaner

Lemon and salt create a potent spot cleaner for carpets.

Squeeze lemon juice onto the stain and generously sprinkle salt over it.

Let this tag team sit there and work its magic for a few hours.

When it’s done, get a clean cloth and give it a good blotting.

By mixing lemon with salt, the stains are lifted and the lemon says, “See you later, stains!”.

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