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  1. Annie Yee says:

    I have Shaw vinyl planks and parked bikes on it for months. Now planks are stained permabby tires…nothing will remove stains because it’s not a film. It cannot be removed because it is not a surface coating that can be rubbed off. I’ve tried everything…from soap and water, magic eraser, acetone, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, vinyl floor cleaner, even mineral spirits.. absolutely no progress no matter how hard I rub. What can I do besides redo the floor? Please help.

    1. Annie, I can relate to your problem since one of my friends has also encountered the same type of issue. He used a vinyl repair kit to recolor the stained area, which solved his issue. I propose you use that method also, but I recommend you start by sanding the area first, preferably with a very fine grain.

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